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For its 8th edition, the European Workshop on Equine Nutrition will once again bring you the latest research in horse nutrition and health.

A special focus will be offered on gut microbiology and its relation to health, welfare and performance.

Dijon being a world leader center in taste and sensory science, EWEN will also present an innovative approach to horse feeding preferences.


To download the updated program of EWEN 2016, click here.





15th June


Beginning of registration


Pre-conference workshop on Obesity in horses


Opening reception (Kir drink)


Optional pedestrian tour of Dijon


Free evening

16th June

Conference day 1: “No microbes, no horse”


Registration opening


Welcome and introduction to EWEN 2016



Gut microbiota in relation with health

Chaired by Véronique Julliand



The gut microbiota and host health: from infancy to adulthood

Invited speaker: Claire Cherbuy, Micalis, INRA Jouy-en-Josas, France



Characterising the gut microbiome and biofluidmetabonome of horses with equine grass sickness(P+O)
J. Leng, C. Proudman, A. Darby, R. Blow, N. Townsend, A. Miller, J. Swann

A potential association of the Streptococcaceae family and an obese state in horses and ponies(P+O)
K. Dougal, P.A. Harris, S.E. Girdwood , C.J Creevey, G.C. Curtis, C.F. Barfoot, C.McG. Argo, C.J. Newbold

Impact of diet on bacterial lipopolysaccharides in equine faeces(P+O)
P. Grimm, J.P. Pais de Barros, and V. Julliand

Development of a three-stage, fermentation model of the equine hindgut microbiome(P+O)
J. Leng, G. Walton, A. Darby, J. Swann, R. La Ragione, C. Proudman


Coffee break

Session 2.1

Feeds and gut microbiota

Chaired by Céline Faubladier and Jo-Anne Murray



Malted grain as a healthy feed for horses - Digestibility and glucose responses(O)
S. Särkijärvi and M. Saastamoinen

Effect of dehydrated alfalfa on equine gastric and faecal ecosystems (O)
A. Martin, V. Julliand, and S. Julliand

Effect of alfalfa on in vitro fermentation of starch or inulin (P+O)
Garber, P.M. Hastie, I. Handel and J.M.D. Murray

What faecal parameters differ depending on the horse diet?(O)
P. Grimm, M. Vasseur, V. Julliand

The effect of forage source on faecal pH(P)
H. Brown and R. Hawkins

Session 2.2


Chaired by Céline Faubladier and Jo-Anne Murray



Seasonal variation in non-structural carbohydrates in pastures grazed by Australian Thoroughbreds(O)
N. Richards, S.R. Bailey and P. McGilchrist

The dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) in pastures grazed by Australian Thoroughbreds and its potential effect on calcium balance(P+O)
N. Richards, D.M. McNeill and P. McGilchrist

The effect of soaking on the bacterial profile of UK meadow and perennial rye grass (Loliumperenne) hay for horses(P+O)
M. Moore-Colyer, S.K. Crosthwaite, and P.A. Harris

The effect of soaking on the populations of acidic bacteria found on UK meadow hay – possible implication for equine gastric ulceration(P+O)
A. Williams, M. Moore-Colyer, and P.A. Harris

In vitro buffering capacity of a variety of commonly fed forages and feedstuffs(P+O)               
Catherine E. Hale, Charles J. Newbold and Andrew J. Hemmings


Lunch break



Feed additives and gut microbiota

Chaired by Maria Fradinho



Update on feeds legislation

Invited speaker: Damien Van Oystaeyen, DG Politique de contrôle, AFSCA, Bruxelles, Belgium



Effect of live yeast supplementation on gastric ecosystem in horses fed a high-starch diet(O)
S. Julliand, V. Julliand and A. Martin

Preliminary development of a dynamic gastric in vitro model for horses(O)
M. Moore-Colyer and C. Jiang

Effects of physical training and yeast supplementation on the nutrient digestibility in horses(P+O)
G.V. Pombo, R.C. Lima, Y.S. Pereira, K. Feltre, and A.A.O Gobesso

Effect of an algae-yeast product supplementation on cecal, colonic and faecal bacteria communities of horses fed high starch or high fibre diets(O)
P. Grimm, S. Combes, G. Pascal, L. Cauquil and V. Julliand

Physical training effect and inclusion of yeast in the diet on the quantification of serum endotoxin, fatty acid profile and yeast quantification in faeces of horses(P)
A.A.O. Gobesso, G.V. Pombo, R.C. Lima, K. Feltre and L.A.J.M. Filho


Coffee break


Round table: The use of feeds and complementary feeds in Equine Nutrition

Moderated by Maria Fradinho and Pat Harris


EWEN General Meeting


Gala Dinner

17th June

Conference day 2: “Recent advances in Equine Nutrition”


Registration opening



Recent advances in Equine Nutrition and behaviour

Chaired by Andrea Ellis



Sensory perception and food preferences

Invited speaker: Luc Pénicaud, CSGA, Dijon, France



Effect of flavour change on food intake by horses(O)
M. van den Berg and G.N. Hinch

The effects of a high-starch or high-fibre diet on the behaviour of naïve ponies(O)
L.S. Bulmer, J-A. Murray, A. Destez, V. Julliand, P. Hastie

The use of sorghum silage in feeding weanling horses: Effect on intake and digestibility of nutrients (P+O)
D. Silva Inácio, A. Carneiro de Rezende, R. Prado Silva, E. SimõesSaliba, L. Mendes, S. Maruch, D. Moreira, MeloQueiroz, K. da Costa Barcelos and S. Ralston

Effect of housing system on health indicators in horses(O)
L. Kjellberg and K. Morgan

Food searching behaviour of horses in a patchy environment; which strategies are used to locate preferred forages?(P)
M. van den Berg, V. Giagos, C. Lee


Coffee break



Recent advances in Equine Nutrition and diseases/health status

Chaired by Ingrid Vervuert



Equine nutrition: Survey of current postoperative and rehabilitative feeding practices in equine hospitals in the USA(P+O)
K. Park, A. Garber, G. Karasu, J. Roberts and J.-A. Murray

Effects of two different alfalfa formulations (chaff vs pellets) on gastric mucosa in weanlings(O)
S. Vondran, M. Venner and I. Vervuert

Sainfoin (Onobrychisviciifolia) or extra proteins in the diet as an alternative to control horse strongyle infection?(O)
G. Fleurance, C. Collas, B. Dumont, J. Cabaret, J. Cortet, W. Martin-Rosset, L. Wimel, G. Sallé

Foxtail grass (Setariaviridis) induced ulcerative stomatitis-gingivitis resembling viral vesicular stomatitis in horses(P+O)
O. Kutasi, A. Bersenyi, G. Kallay, E. Andrasofszky, I. Siller and T. Abonyi

In vitro methods to study the pathology of laminitis(P+O)
N. Reisinger, A. Grandits, E. Mayer, and G. Schatzmayr

Ability of horse and pony owners to estimate body weight and assess body condition score(O)
S.J. Wood, E. Allen, A. Corr, M. Lee and A. Magee

Could mane hair mineral composition reflect horse mineral nutritional status?(P+O)
S. Julliand, E. Delattre, C. Duval, A.L. Lagel, J. Martin and P. Grimm

Retrospective analysis of the post-operative colic diet care according to their risk class category(P)
E. Valle, G. Giusto, V. Caramello, Bergero and M. Gandini

Owner-reported feeding and feed related health problems in Arabian horses in Sweden(P)        
C.E. Müller

Special factors of equine exertional rhabdomyolysis in a region of Transylvania(P)
Cs.A. Kosa, A. Bersenyi, K. Joo, E. Andrasofszky, O. Szenci and O. Kutasi


Lunch break

Session 6.1

Recent advances in Equine Nutrition and breeding

Chaired by Jan-Erik Lindberg



A retrospective study on the effect of feeding type on donkey milk fatty acid composition     (P+O)
L. Cavallarin, M. Coppa,  L. Pozzo, F. Raspa, S. Antoniazzi, G. Borreani, E. Valle

The mares’ placenta is able to adapt to a moderate maternal undernutrition during late-gestation to sustain fetal growth(O)
M. Robles, P. Peugnet, C. Dubois, F. Piumi, L. Jouneau, MC. Aubrière, L. Wimel, A. Tarrade,

P. Chavatte-Palmer

Effect of growth and development on the diet digestibility in foals(P+O)
M. Saastamoinen and S. Särkijärvi

Growth performance in 1.5-3 year old extensively kept Gotland ponies in comparison with Standardbred horses fed a forage-only diet ad libitum(P+O) 
S. Ringmark and A. Jansson

The new feeding recommendations for horses in Germany (GfE 2014) – Energy and protein: a comparison with other systems(O)
W. Bösch and J. Hummel

Changes in blood and milk glutamine concentrations in lactating mares(P)
M.M. Hunka, L.A. Souza, E.R.R. Silva, H.E.C.C.C. Manso and H.C. Manso-Filho

Characterization of the development of foals in natural mating and embryo transfer(P)
M.M. Hunka, L.A. Souza, E.R.R. Silva, H.E.C.C.C. Manso and H.C. Manso-Filho

The use of sorghum silage in feeding weanling Mangalarga Marchador horses: Body Development (P)
D. Silva Inácio, A. Carneiro de Rezende, R. Prado Silva, M. Martins Melo, L. Mendes, S. Maruch,

     K. da Costa Barcelos, Â. Quintão Lana and S. Lucille Ralston

Session 6.2

Recent advances in Equine Nutrition and athletic performance

Chaired by Markku Saastamoinen



New advances in the nutrition of the athletic horse

Invited speaker: Brian Nielsen, Michigan State University, United States



Is abnormal muscular response to exercise correlated to antioxidant status in young trotters: a retrospective study(P+O)
C. Leleu

Effect of energy and protein intake on cardiorespiratory parameters in eventing horses(O)
M.T. Ramos, S. Julliand, A. Martin, C.A.A. Oliveira, F.Q. Almeida and V. Julliand

Changes of serum free lysine and threonine in eventing horses in response to dietary protein(P)
C. Albano Araujo Oliveira, L. A. Keller, M. Torres Ramos, C. Divan Baldani, F. Queiroz Almeida

Supplementation with spirulina enriched with seleno-hydroxyacid in young trotters: a randomized, double-blind controlled trial(P)
C. Leleu, M. Pennequin, C. Ralison, J. Pincemail, K. Romari


Coffee break


Round table: Nutrition and athletic performance

Moderated by Jan-Erik Lindberg


Awards and Closing talks


Wine, Bread and Cheese buffet

18th June

Technical Tour




Visits of the medieval castle and village of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois


Visit of the experimental stud of AgroSup Dijon and demonstration workshops




Visit of a vineyard and wine tasting

Demonstration of draft horse at work in a vineyard


Arrival in Dijon


(O)        = Oral communication

(P+O)   = Oral presentation of a poster
= Poster displayed in the hall